Choose Decra Roofing With Rosenow Customs

Decra Metal is a metal roofing system designed to provide superior weather protection and durability for commercial and residential buildings. It’s made up of interlocking metal panels attached to the roof deck with special fasteners. Decra Metal is available in a variety of colors.

At Rosenow Customs, we are passionate about providing high-quality roofing products and services to customers in your area. We’re proud to offer Decra products because we believe they’re the best of the best for their purposes.

Our Decra Products

Decra Shingle

Our Decra Shingle is a heavy-duty, interlocking metal shingle that provides superior weather protection and durability. It’s available in a variety of colors to complement your home or business. The Decra Shingle is also easy to install, and our experts can do it at a glance.

Decra Shake

Decra Shake is a modern take on the traditional wood shake roof. It’s made of interlocking metal panels attached to the roof deck with special fasteners. Our experts in Decra roofing can help you choose the perfect color and type for your home or business.

Why You Need A Decra Roofing


Like every other metal roof, Decra metal roofing is built to last. With an average lifespan of 50 years, you can be sure that your roof will withstand the test of time, whether it’s severe weather conditions or everyday wear and tear. If you’re looking for a roof that will protect your home or business for years to come, Decra is what we recommend.



Never forget the energy bills when it comes to roofing. With a Decra metal roof, you can be confident that your building is energy-efficient and protected against the elements. Think of what else you could do with the money you save on your monthly energy bill!


Hire The Leaders In Decra Metal Roofing

At Rosenow Customs, we have a special team of experts in roofing. We always offer the best products in the market, and we’re proud to offer Decra Metal products. We don’t just offer quality products, but we also provide quality services. What are you waiting for then? Contact us today, and let’s get started on your new roof!