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Kimberly, Wisconsin

Kimberly, WI: A Glimpse into a Historical and Cultural Hub

Welcome to Kimberly, Wisconsin, a village that serves as a perfect blend of historic charm and modern living. With its unique neighborhoods, notable attractions, and statistical data, this fascinating community has so much to offer both to its residents and visitors.

A Brief History of Kimberly, WI

Kimberly, a village located in Outagamie County, is named after John A. Kimberly, one of the co-founders of the iconic Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a multinational company famous for producing personal care products. The village itself was incorporated on June 29, 1910, and its rich history is deeply connected with the paper industry. The impact of the industry is evident in the village’s neighborhoods, architecture, culture, and the way of life.

Industrial Revolution and Economic Development

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Kimberly, like many Wisconsin towns, underwent significant changes due to the Industrial Revolution. The presence of Kimberly-Clark Corporation brought prosperity to the town, with a rapidly growing population and a thriving economy.

Despite the economic shifts and decline in the paper industry, Kimberly adapted and evolved. Today, it stands as a residential and commercial hub, providing an excellent quality of life with various recreational and educational opportunities.

Kimberly Neighborhoods: A Mixture of Historic and Modern Living

Kimberly’s neighborhoods offer a perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary comfort. Each neighborhood, with its distinctive character, adds a unique flavor to Kimberly’s overall atmosphere.

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Downtown KimberlyThis is the heart of the village, featuring historical buildings, local businesses, and community events.
Sunset Park AreaKnown for its scenic beauty and recreational facilities, including sports fields and walking trails.
North KimberlyThis residential area offers a peaceful setting and easy access to schools and parks.
West KimberlyFeaturing new developments and modern homes, this area is rapidly growing with diverse housing options.
Riverside AreaLocated along the Fox River, it offers beautiful river views and is a popular spot for water-based recreational activities.

Notable Attractions in Kimberly, WI

Kimberly, WI, is rich in attractions that draw visitors from all walks of life. From nature lovers to history enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone in Kimberly.

  • Sunset Park: This community park is the perfect spot for picnics, sports, and walking. Its vast green fields and playgrounds make it an ideal location for family outings.
  • Kimberly Public Library: The library serves as a cultural hub of the village, offering not only a wide array of books but also various community programs and events.
  • The Paper Trail: A historical tour that celebrates Kimberly’s industrial heritage and the impact of the paper industry on the village.
  • Fox River: A beautiful river that adds a scenic charm to Kimberly, it is popular for fishing, boating, and birdwatching.

Statistical Data: A Snapshot of Kimberly, WI

To truly understand Kimberly, it’s important to delve into the numbers that paint a vivid picture of the village’s population, economy, and overall quality of life.

  • Population: As of 2023, Kimberly has a population of approximately 7,000.
  • Median Household Income: The median household income in Kimberly is around $70,000, which is higher than the national average.
  • Education: Over 90% of Kimberly’s residents have completed high school, with about 30% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Housing: The median value of owner-occupied housing units is approximately $200,000, reflecting a stable real estate market.

In conclusion, Kimberly, WI is not just a village; it is a community steeped in history, enriched with culture, and adorned with natural beauty. It’s a place that captures the true essence of Wisconsin living – a blend of the charm of small-town life and the conveniences of modern amenities.