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Tesla Solar Roof Installation For Wisconsin’s Environmentally Friendly Homeowners

Rosenow Customs & Altmeyer Electric are Wisconsin’s Certified Tesla Solar Roof Installation Partners.

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Why Invest in Solar Roofing?

  • Beauty & Brains: Ditch bulky panels and embrace seamless aesthetics with Tesla Solar Roof, the integrated roofing system that generates clean energy while looking stunning on any Wisconsin home. Imagine the curb appeal boost!
  • Built to Last: Wisconsin winters won’t faze this roof. Tesla Solar Roof boasts tempered glass tiles and steel backing, engineered to withstand snow, hail, and wind exceeding 110 mph. It’s peace of mind for decades. A professional roofing contractor can ensure proper installation for optimal performance.
  • Energy Independence: Take control of your energy costs and say goodbye to rising electricity bills. Generate your own clean power with Tesla Solar Roof, reducing reliance on the grid and potentially powering your entire home.
  • Go Green, Feel Good: Make a positive impact on the environment by choosing sustainable solar energy. Tesla Solar Roof helps reduce your carbon footprint and combat climate change, leaving a healthy planet for future generations.
  • Boost Your Home Value: Invest in your home’s future with Tesla Solar Roof. Studies show homes with solar roofs sell faster and for higher prices, maximizing your return on investment.
Rosenow Customs and Altmeyer Electric are Wisconsin's Tesla Solar Trusted Contractors to install your homes solar roofing
Tesla Solar Roofing Solar Panel shingles

Built To Last: Solar Roofing by Tesla in Wisconsin Winters (and Summers)

Wisconsin’s weather might be unpredictable, but your roof shouldn’t be. Tesla Solar Roof is engineered to handle anything Mother Nature throws its way, ensuring decades of reliable performance and peace of mind. Built For Blizzard & Beyond

Tempered Glass Tiles

Imagine crystal-clear glass 3 times stronger than standard asphalt shingles! That’s the durability you get with a Tesla Solar Roof, able to withstand heavy snow loads and hailstorms with ease.

Steel Backing

Beneath the sleek glass lies a robust steel underlayment, providing exceptional structural integrity and weather resistance, exceeding 110 mph wind resistance with an F Class Rating.

Independent Testing

Don’t just take our word for it. Independent testing confirms Tesla Solar Roof’s resilience, ensuring you can trust its performance year after year.

25 Year Warranty

Tesla backs its Solar Roof with a comprehensive 25-year warranty, covering power production, weatherization, and even the tiles themselves. You’re guaranteed quality and performance for a generation.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional roofs, Tesla Solar Roof requires minimal maintenance. Its smooth glass surface sheds leaves and debris naturally, and there are no seams or vulnerable components to worry about.

No More Power Outages

Gain peace of mind during blizzards and storms. Along with Powerwall, Solar Roof offers outage protection for your home and family.

Don’t compromise on aesthetics, quality or reliability. Choose Rosenow Customs and Altmeyer Electric as your Tesla Solar Roofing partners.

No more storm related power outages when you have the TESLA powerwall battery backup

Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

The Powerwall system from Tesla is an integrated battery solution that can store solar energy generated from a Tesla Solar Roof system. When installed by Wisconsin companies like Rosenow Customs and Partner Altmeyer Electric, Powerwall allows homeowners to leverage stored solar energy to provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Specifically, Powerwall works by detecting grid outages and automatically switching to use the stored solar energy to power home appliances and electric vehicles. It can provide emergency backup power for days thanks to the built-in solar integration that recharges the system. By installing Powerwall with solar, Wisconsin homeowners can reduce reliance on the traditional electric grid while ensuring constant access to clean, renewable energy from the sun. The integrated system provides energy resilience and preparedness for power outages.

How the Tesla Solar Roofing System works. How much does Tesla Solar Roofing Cost? Call today and get a free estimate

Environmental Benefits of Solar Roofing

Alongside household perks, Tesla Solar Roofs benefit communities and help drive sustainability:

Lower Reliance on Fossil Fuels


Every kWh of solar energy produced reduces demand on fossil fuel electricity generation. Over decades, the systems dramatically slash greenhouse gas emissions from dirty power plants.

Even better – Tesla glass solar tiles don’t degrade substantially over 25+ year lifespans. The environmental dividends accumulate for generations while looking beautiful!

Tax Incentives for Going Green


Federal, state and municipal governments want more homeowners using clean energy. Tax incentives, rebates and credits make purchases more affordable while accelerating renewables adoption.

Check your eligibility for programs like:

  • 26% federal solar tax credit
  • State renewable energy credits – up to 50% value
  • Property tax exemptions

Leverage every available offering to maximize ROI on your Tesla Solar Roof investment!